XM Studios’ CEO Ben Ang (left) and Addx CCO Oi Yee Choo (left)

Singapore design firm XM Studios, famed for its handcrafted art collectibles of superheroes and supervillains, raised S$4.5 million in the form of exchangeable notes on Addx, a digital securities platform.

The exchangeable notes or digital tokens raised will be used by XM Studios to expand its premium mass collectible business…

Volatility in the crypto market has made some investors wealthy. Many retail investors including myself are holding on to our investments in the crypto exchanges, while waiting for the market swings to stabilise.

There are many others, however, who see opportunity in this volatile market. They have re-focussed their investments…


Grace is Singapore-based seasoned tech writer. Excited about the blockchain and crypto which is creating a new Internet of value.

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